Background of the study about online games on the academic performance

The author gives an overview of two different theories of how two languages are developed. The authors also discuss the complexities of reading in a new language and what teachers can do to help their English language learners master both reading and content.

The language independence theory states that each language develops and resides in its own separate area of the brain, whereas the language interdependence theory assumes two or more languages develop with a common underlying cognitive structure.

Graves Scaffolded reading experiences provide a practical, research-based framework that teachers can use to support their English language learners. Among the advice students give teachers are: The Scaffolded Reading Experience framework consists of a set of pre- during- and postreading activities to use with any genre of texts.

Project Challenge, a math program in Massachusetts funded by a grant from the U. A View from the Classroom Jill Wu The ongoing debate between advocates of bilingual education and advocates of English-only instruction often fails to acknowledge classroom realities.

He stresses that schools must help English language learners feel safe enough to speak out about their concerns. She describes her experience in a dual language immersion school as the ideal and most natural setting for students to become literate in both their native language and English.

These individual stories illustrate guidelines that the authors consider crucial to making a difference for language learners—for example, providing the appropriate level of second-language instruction, respecting cultural diversity and learning style, providing instruction in a context-rich environment, and giving students enough time to develop linguistic fluency.

Mastering academic English requires instructional activities that actively promote language development in the context of learning intellectually challenging content.

English language learners are at a serious disadvantage. Department of Education, provided those activities.

They discuss the importance of spending time talking individually with each child learning to read in English. The authors, ESOL teachers at the school, describe students who bring a variety of gifts and learning needs to the school.

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Subsequent experiences teaching 1st, 4th, and 5th grade English language learners convinced her that students acquire a second language most easily if they develop literacy skills and content knowledge in their native language, have opportunities to interact with English-speaking peers, and learn with students of different ability levels.

The Balancing Act of Bilingual Immersion Samina Hadi-Tabassum Hadi-Tabassum believes having a separate life context for each language she learned in childhood enabled her to switch easily among five different tongues. Lindholm-Leary A key to closing the achievement gap between students who come to school speaking a language other than English and native English speakers is adoption of two-way bilingual immersion TWBI programs.

Two word problems in mathematics illustrate the difficulties that these students can encounter in instruction and in tests: During-reading strategies include silent reading, reading to students, and guided reading.

The author, who has taught native Spanish speaking students in a variety of settings, draws on her experience to explain that not all bilingual programs are the same and that no program will guarantee success for all students in all settings.

Following the passage of Proposition in California, which outlawed bilingual education as the default assignment for English language learners, the author conducted extensive research in classrooms to determine how schools were handling the switch to more sheltered English immersion.A study group doesn't take the place of individual study, but it forces you to articulate concepts and makes a review more fun and productive.

Also, it helps keep your review on schedule and helps you to avoid procrastination. 3 days ago · A new study has explored patterns in academic grades of million students, showing that girls and boys perform very similarly in STEM - including at the top of the class.

Educating Language Learners

A new study. A new study, led by UNSW Sydney PhD student Rose O’Dea, has explored patterns in academic grades of million students, showing that girls and boys perform very similarly in STEM – including at the top of the class. The analysis, published today in prestigious journal Nature Communications.

Jul 03,  · Admission decisions are based on academic background and achievement as well as personal characteristics that will contribute to the strength and diversity of the university community. Online application: Change in Undergraduate Application Deadlines Based on performance on this exam, students may earn.

Strategies include identifying the language demands of the content course, planning language objectives for all lessons and making them explicit to students, emphasizing academic vocabulary development, identifying and strengthening background knowledge, and reviewing vocabulary and content concepts.

During the Summit on Educational Games, held by the Federation of American Scientists, Trotter () reported that it is becoming more critical that America finds a way to combine the time children spend playing video games and the time they don’t spend on academic work.

Background of the study about online games on the academic performance
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