Compensation structure of ufone

Education assistance policy, Ufone is a performance oriented organization so they compensate their employees on the basis of their performance so everybody know that if they show the results then the organization will compensate them good if not then they will never expect, This is a good approach for performance oriented organizations to implement the system like this because of this system everybody interests involves in it.

Ufone upper level management has certain qualities to deal with employees. If they show excellent performance in their departments, they can be promoted before seniors, 3.

Ufone strategize to take aid of sales promotion whenever it sees a minor drop in its usage by its customers. They offer both type of rewards 1. Communication among employees at the same level is crucial for the accomplishment of work. Ufone uses following sales promotion tools.

Ufone Organizational Development

So lot of team member without traveling to other city gets their work done in no time. There are some commissions given to their employees on the basis of revenue they generate or the customers they make, they get more money.

There are three main categories of leadership styles: This creates a pleasant environment. Rewards are performance based. Internal Communication of Ufone is given below, Downward and upward communication is called vertical communication within organization: The concept of departmentalization is effectively practiced at ufone.

Normally Ufone announces important decisions and it falls in this category of communication where employee needs to get all clear information on what to do in the organization. Greeting messages are sent to customers on religious events. Employees always cooperate and perform well.

Managers must be willing to encourage leadership skills in subordinates.

ufone Salaries in Pakistan

So ethics are important for Ufone to maintain good relationship with customers and in this regard customer service has been given clear instruction on how to deal customers and they have even promoted ten codes for customers in different franchise of Ufone and also customer complaint cell has been formed if someone behaves wrong then it should be taken in to consideration.

Virtual teams take care of that by using technology like Webex or GoToMeeting to connect teams. Even training is given to new employees rather leaving them alone in initial stages.Upward Communication in Ufone is a mean for staff to: * Exchange information to management, Ufone having organic structure employees does not feel hesitation to exchange information.

* Offer ideas in which they already have edge like their advertising strategies and package offering are very effective. Salary structures are an important component of effective compensation programs and help ensure that pay levels for groups of jobs are competitive externally and equitable internally.

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View from HRM at Temple. Compensation Structure Development BY: Documented by: Bilal Ahmed Bilal.

Compensation Structure. Development BY: Bilal Ahmed Documented by: Bilal Ahmed EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This project has been undertaken in order to highlight the Human Resource Practices of.

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Compensation structure of ufone
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