How to write api in code igniter cms

If nothing is found, return no body and a to say nothing was found. Keep an eye out for these differences as they can catch you out. If the returned MIME-type is not supported then it will simply return the format as plain-text.

CodeIgniter Rocks

This tutorial is broken down into two parts. Well the answer to this will be more than obvious when you build complex applications for which functional programming becomes difficult to manage and not using a framework like CodeIgniter will force you to define all these libraries yourself.

And then create a couple of rows in the table with some dummy news items.

30+ Awesome CodeIgniter Tutorials for all Skill Levels

Another disadvantage is that you only receive the body of the HTTP response in its raw format, which means you need to handle conversion from very single request. At the end of the URL is the "format" parameter.

So the two examples we looked at before had a Resource of user and users. Because both of these were loaded in the browser, we know it was using a GET request and so the two methods below are used: It is not meant to provide the solution to building your own CMS, but rather to illustrate how CodeIgniter can be used.

This handles the setting of Content-type for you, and converts the data into a PHP object for you. Next, you need the above mentioned method in the Model class to read the information from your database table: You have read a few of the CodeIgniter from Scratch tutorials.

Now you may ask, why use 3 files and all these functions and configuration for this? You know how to set up CodeIgniter. The database requirements are as follows: So instead of simply using: If you wish to have a protected API which anyone could get at, use digest. This handles the setting of Content-type for you, and converts the data into a PHP object for you.

Here is a step by step guide to integrating CodeIgniter app with WordPress 1. They support URL based format switching in the form of.

Setting up the Demo Firstly you need to download the codeigniter-restserver code from GitHub and extract it and move the code to your server.

It is called when a user makes a request and then based on the logic in the controller it fetches data and outputs views. So that takes care of retrieving the information.

Accessing parameters is also easy. You know a little about RESTful services.

How to work with RESTful Services in CodeIgniter x

The key is the username and the value is the password. All the heavy lifting happens in the Model class so all we have to do here is load it and pass it to the ID argument of the piece of news we want displayed.CodeIgniter Rocks.

CodeIgniter is a powerful PHP framework with a very small footprint, built for developers who need a simple and elegant toolkit to create full-featured web applications. How to work with RESTful Services in CodeIgniter 3.x. Having fun; Tech Tips; Apache web server Apffog APIs apple Apple Inc.

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How to Integrate CodeIgniter with WordPress

How to Integrate CodeIgniter with WordPress. August 12, CometChat Team. It comes as little surprise that many website owners and administrators still prefer WordPress as their primary Content Management System (CMS), and you can’t blame them considering the comprehensive features that WordPress has to offer.

However, when it comes to. How to implement a chat application in codeigniter website? In your chat page you will have a to display the conversation, a giant text box where your user can write their message and a submit button. Chat module integration in code Igniter.

Live Chat Software for Websites. 0. Codeigniter multi language support using Google translate API by Anil Kumar Panigrahi · Published May 29, · Updated October 5, Hi friends, This post explains about codeigniter plugin development for multi-language support using google translate API.

Codeigniter multi language support using Google translate API

FUEL CMS is built upon the popular PHP web framework CodeIgniter and plays nicely with your existing installations. For Both Kinds of People Content editors love FUEL CMS for its good looks and charm.

How to write api in code igniter cms
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