Kandinsky art as a spiritual process

More often battles and pageants attract them. But he has become a slave to sentimentality, and has been left behind. Once abandon reality and the geometrical vision becomes abstract mathematics.

Of course colour-music is no new idea. What was odd or inconceivable yesterday is commonplace today; what is avant garde today and understood only by the few is common knowledge tomorrow. But in everything he did he showed the architectural mind of the true Frenchman.

During decadent periods, the soul sinks to the bottom of the pyramid; humanity Kandinsky art as a spiritual process only for external success, ignoring spiritual forces. Picasso makes little use of colour, and confines himself only to one series of line effects--those caused by conflicting angles.

In the young Kandinsky learned to play the piano and cello. But there is no better example of the development of synthetic symbolism than his first book of woodcuts. When the difference in aim is fully realized, the Primitives can no longer be condemned as incompetent, nor the moderns as lunatics, for such a condemnation is made from a wrong point of view.

The difference between them is subtle but goes very deep. Speaking for myself, to stand in front of some of his drawings or pictures gives a keener and more spiritual pleasure than any other kind of painting.

He defines it as the principle of efficient contact of the form with the human soul. This progressing pyramid is penetrating and proceeding into the future. Though he did not scruple, and rightly, to sacrifice accuracy of form to the inner need, the material of which his art was composed was drawn from the huge stores of actual nature.

Graduating with honors, six years later Wassily married his cousin, Anna Chimyakina. That the name of the movement is better known than the names of its chief leaders is a sad misfortune, largely caused by the over-rapidity of its introduction into England.

Anyone who has studied Gauguin will be aware of the intense spiritual value of his work.

The Biography

The generation of his disciples which followed him--I put it thus to distinguish them from his actual pupils at Pont Aven, Serusier and the rest-- carried the tendency further.

There was no question of looking for representation; a harmony had been set up, and that was enough. Later on Kandinsky recollected two events, which had affected this decision: That the analogy contains a grain of truth does not make it the less mischievous.

Kandinsky is painting music. With Gauguin the case is different. But in tracing spiritual relationship only inner meaning must be taken into account. In the meantime also it is important that his position should be recognized as a legitimate, almost inevitable outcome of Post-Impressionist tendencies.

Wassily Kandinsky

They persist, however, in giving them picture titles which recall the natural object from which their minds first took flight.

During that period Kandinsky got acquainted with a young artist, Gabriela Munter, and in he divorced his wife, Anna Chimyakina.

Kandinsky refers to attempts to paint in colour- counterpoint. The renaissance of the angle in art is an interesting feature of the new movement. The painting had been on loan to the Kunstmuseum WinterthurSwitzerland, since and was sold to a European collector by the Volkart Foundation, the charitable arm of the Swiss commodities trading firm Volkart Brothers.

I am well aware that this statement is at variance with Kandinsky, who has contributed a long article- "Uber die Formfrage" --to Der Blaue Reiter, in which he argues the parallel between Post-Impressionism and child vision, as exemplified in the work of Henri Rousseau.

True his abandonment of representative methods did not lead him to an abandonment of natural terms of expression--that is to say human figures, trees and animals do appear in his pictures.

Upon returning and seeing the canvas but not yet recognizing it Kandinsky fell to his knees and wept, saying it was the most beautiful painting he had ever seen. It seems to me that Picasso shares a Futurist error when he endeavours to harmonize one item of reality--a number, a button, a few capital letters--with a surrounding aura of angular projections.

These are seen very clearly in Herbin. Such is the recognition this Introduction strives to secure.

Concerning the Spiritual in Art Quotes

His picture contains one or two objects only from the number before his eyes. The point is the most concise form but, according to its placement on the basic plane, it will take a different tonality. These are the objects which strike him as important. This form can be a square, a triangle, a circle, a star or something more complex.Wassily Kandinsky Concerning The Spiritual In Art [Translated By Michael T.

H. Sadler] presented by polkadottrail.com TABLE OF CONTENTS process can only come AFTER the naturalist process and not before it. The child has a direct vision, because his mind is. Kandinsky’s On the Spiritual in Art was published in December He and Marc withdrew from the NKVM in that month, and shortly thereafter the Blaue Reiter group’s first exhibition was held at the Moderne Galerie.

On an artistic level, Kandinsky's maturation process from representational art to abstract art is fascinating. From his earliest work, with an impressionistic flair, to his later work, which was pure abstraction, Kandinsky was an innovator and a genius.

Kandinsky's art and ideas inspired many generations of artists, from his students at the Bauhaus to the Abstract Expressionists after World War II. Key Ideas Painting Nationality: Russian. Kandinsky on the Spiritual Element in Art and the Three Responsibilities of Artists “To harmonize the whole is the task of art.”.

Wassily Kandinsky: Concerning the Spiritual in Art A creed to the creative life “Colour is the keyboard, the eyes are the harmonies, the soul is the piano with many strings.

Kandinsky art as a spiritual process
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