Kkr case study

Agricultural Innovation To meet Kkr case study food demands while using fewer natural resources, food producers must determine how to maintain or, in many cases, increase their yields while using less land and less water amid unpredictable climatic conditions.

Looking Ahead By focusing on food safety and security, land use, labor practices, or food distribution, companies and investors who promote innovation and efficiency will play a critical role in meeting future challenges and creating a better agricultural system.

Harman International and KKR (A)

Learn more about these investments here. Afriflora has launched community development initiatives focused on health and education for workers and their families.

Although many of our investments in agricultural companies use innovative technologies, we believe Sundrop Farms is the epitome of innovation through its core business.

The company provides wages that are substantially higher than peer agricultural companies, follows a gender equity plan designed to fairly distribute development opportunities, and promotes skill development. In the last eight years, KKR has made multiple investments in Chinese agricultural companies that focus on food safety and access.

KKR exited Afriflora in Food Safety Demographic changes such as a rising middle class in emerging markets have fueled demand for higher-quality food items, including milk, meat, and seafood.

Feeding an additional billion people will place demands on the agricultural industry, accelerating the need for additional investment in food safety, sustainable farming practices, and product innovation.

Inmillion people were estimated to be chronically undernourished. Food distributors such as our portfolio company US Foods face similar challenges and opportunities. Contributing to Economic Development Through Agriculture From the types of employees hired to the benefits provided, responsible labor practices can help create a more dependable and healthier workforce.

Supporting Better Agriculture In the last 50 years, agricultural practices have changed dramatically due in part to the effects of population growth, technological advancements, and globalization.

Afriflora values its employees and the local community. Looking ahead, world population is expected to grow from its current level of 7. Santanol and Afriflora a current and former portfolio company, respectively have focused on implementing responsible labor practices and offer value-add programs for employees.

Food Distribution Food producers are not the only ones that need to optimize their business for safer and more sustainable practices.Brand WAR (Lays and Bingo Case Study by PGCBM, XLRi) JGSM Casebook 05 Edition. chicago casebook. Casebook_FINANCE. The Five Types of Successful Acquisitions.

KKR Group Holdings L.P., which we refer to as "Group Holdings," is the parent of our consolidated accounting group for periods subsequent to October 1.

Discuss the risks associated with LBOs, and how the buyout turned out for KKR’s investors and other stakeholders. Please submit a full 3-page (not longer than 4 pages, with about equal coverage on the topics above; not including references or tables if there is any, which should be in appendix) report about this case study.

Supporting Better Agriculture

By investing in companies focused on food safety and security, land use, labor practices, and food distribution, KKR is working to create a better agricultural system. Supporting Better Agriculture. Case Study Yuehai Feed Group: Investing in Aquatic Feed and Nutrition Solutions () >.

KKR and RJR Nabisco: Video + Case

The above case study from our infrastructure portfolio is for illustrative purposes only and is not representative of all investments made by KKR Funds or accounts, nor should it be assumed that any investment in the company.

Sep 23,  · O.M. Scott & Sons Co. Leveraged Buyout Case Study Analysis & Solution Email Us at buycasesolutions(at)gmail(dot)com O.M. Scott & Sons Co. Leveraged Buyout Ca. Feb 08,  · KKR and RJR Nabisco: Video + Case by hurricanecapital February 8, April 10, “I think Henry might tell you today that part of what was driving him subconsciously was the desire to win.

Kkr case study
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