Romanian tourism in figures

They will take you into their homes, feed you till you drop literally! Almost all Romanian cities and even small villages have train stations but railway infrastructure is not the best and trains are sometimes unreliable, although they will get you to your destination reasonably cheap.

Enjoy your visit and let the locals show you what a beautiful country we have. Inhowever, the number of nights spent started recovering and reached a peak of 2.

As you can imagine, medieval castles were built in geographical vantage points not easily reachable and local communities that have preserved their ancient way of life have done so by keeping a low profile, away from civilisation and mass tourism. The countryside is dotted with living museums - small villages and communities - where a peaceful, archaic way of life is well-preserved.

Many craftsmen preserved the traditions in some village areas from Moldavia, Transylvania and Oltenia. Emergency number, medical services and insurance In Romania the single nation-wide emergency telephone number is Statistics on the capacity of collective tourist accommodation include the number of establishments, the number of bedrooms and the number of bed places.

Tourism plays an important role in the EU because of its economic and employment potential, as well as its social and environmental implications. You should book accommodations well in advance as lots of Romanians like spending their summer by the seaside.

Getting around Romania might be a bit more challenging, but not necessarily difficult. There are plenty of pharmacies in all urban areas and you can get the usual pills for colds, aches, indigestions or bruises without prescription.

This is Transfagarasan Road 4. On the contrary - Romania has plenty of greenery and salt mines that are good for your health. Travelling to Romania - our tip: You can also travel to Romania by train from Vienna, Budapest, Belgrade, Sofia or Thessaloniki or even from further away with changes.

In the region, according to the same source, Greece received 18 million tourists, Hungary over 10 million while Bulgaria was visited by about 7 million foreigners.

Tourism in Romania

For more info on general conditions of travel check the Ministry of Foreign Affairs visa website section here. Statistics on tourism demand are collected in relation to the number of tourism trips made and the number of nights spent on those tripsseparated by: Check our guide to traditional Romanian food to find out how our culture, history and geography is reflected into our food and dishes.

However, a few exceptions could be mentioned; motorsports: Little has been done though by the Romanian authorities to grasp this opportunity to bring more tourists to Romania, they also said. These statistics are available by establishment type or by region and are compiled annually.

There are many natural parks Retezat, Bucegi, Apusenianimal reserves bears and buffalos and the Danube Delta natural biosphere, all of them perfect for day trips, adventures and memorable experiences in the great outdoors!

In most EU Member States, the former are collected via surveys filled in by accommodation establishments, while the latter are mainly collected via traveller surveys at border crossings or through household surveys.Annals of the „Constantin Brâncuşi” University of Târgu Jiu, Economy Series, Issue 2/ „ACADEMICA BRÂNCUŞI” PUBLISHER, ISSN – THE ROMANIAN TOURISM IN THE CONTEXT OF SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT.

functions, sorted by the type of tourist (Romanian or foreigners), as well as by the six tourism destinations (Figure 2). Figure (2a) shows the number of tourists‟ arrivals (registrations at tourism structures).

We first comment on these numbers. InRomania was visited by million foreigners, according to statistics of the World Tourism Organization.

International tourism, number of arrivals

Comparatively, France topped the list of the world’s most visited country, with more than 80 million tourists, followed by. Form of State: Romania is a semi-presidential democracy based on a bicameral Parliament: the Chamber of Representatives or "Chamber of Deputies" (Camera Deputatilor) and the Senate.

Tourism statistics

All members of the legislature are directly elected from Romania's 41 counties. Tourism Statistics Get the latest and most up-to-date tourism statistics for all the countries and regions around the world.

Data on inbound, domestic and outbound tourism is available, as well as on tourism industries. Information regarding Romania tourist attractions and travel to Romania. Free tourist brochures, maps, advice and pictures of Romania from RomaniaTourism.

Romanian tourism in figures
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