Sports stars are overpaid

There are millions of people with talent not getting equal chances and or recognized. It is often said that people in the entertainment industry mint money and they are loaded!

In conclusion, it is believed that famous entertainers are overly paid these days.

You likely want a base and drum player, for music foundation, rather than computer logix pro, for example. They inspire us, motivate us and it makes us hope for better by giving a vivid experience which is often larger than life, through films, songs, concerts and games.

I rap and sing myself. Therefore, these professions should be well compensated in accordance with the risk and responsibilities. However, a discrepancy can be seen in our society. I believe there are several factors to advocate that they deserve what they earn.

I run into issues with my character and originality getting rapped. Although we cannot generalise this for everyone who Sports stars are overpaid the business, it is arguably true. These people serve the country not sometimes just physically but, also using their mental capabilities.

There are several other professions that also deserve a handsome amount of salary. Many people believe that actors, athletes and musicians are overpaid nowadays. In this essay, before presenting my point of view I would like to discuss the job Sports stars are overpaid.

Live base and drum is way better than computer and it does make a pretty significant difference. I strongly agree with the notion that entertainers, today, are paid an excessive amount of money. I believe all the biological scientists like pharmacists, biochemists, microbiologists etc.

Therefore, it cannot be said that these jobs do not deserve money. Some people feel that entertainers e. Least to Most The work effort they apply is no where above the general population of workers. Another example that can be given is, film stars, they struggle a lot to get into this field and eventually, when they are successful and famous people remember our country by their names.

Thus, rather than spending their time with their families or an evening in the theatre, they immerse themselves in their laboratories working night after night too, maybe, discover a new drug.

However, I recommend that instead of reducing salaries of the entertainers, people and government could think of increasing the wages of other professionals too. A good illustration for this is the Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan who is said to be charging money in crores for signing a single film.

Thus, if they earn more money for the risk they take, the amount of dedication they put, and the performance they show, seems quite justified to me.

Athletes Overpaid Quotes, Quotations & Sayings 2018

In the past, the field of entertainment was not developed and hence, people from this field were paid very less. She was younger, average attractiveness and can sing, alike the many who can. The following essay will discuss in details about the disagreement and a brief explanation about jobs that should be highly paid.

I think no work is small or big, every work requires effort and passion. However, with the improvement in the technology, the income of the celebrities increased to a greater extent. In conclusion, all the above points fortify my opinion that people in entertainment business receive a payment that they deserve.

Every profession has its own value and everyone deserves the best.

But, it is also true that the society will not be harmed even in the absence of such films and actors. Many are also dependent on others for entertainment and have yet to develop their own talents. Another controversial issue related to the salaries being paid to different professionals has been aroused among people in recent years.

Having said that, I also think that there are few other professions other than film, music and sports industries in the realm of entertainment, should also be highly paid.

They play for the country and represent it in the world. Our focus should be on facilitating such endeavours rather than on entertainment.

It can be seen from their night lifestyles, luxurious properties and sports cars. A lot of people believe that they are overpaid since the function of their jobs is only to entertain the public and it is not categorised as vital jobs.A case can be made that WNBA players are actually overpaid relative to what consumers actually want.

After all, the WNBA is subsidized by the NBA in a variety of ways, including by direct financial support, free publicity, and the fact that many WNBA franchises are owned by the city’s NBA owner.

Many athletes are overpaid because of sponsorships, contracts and the amount of entertainment they bring. Sports is a profitable business and only the best of the pro's get million dollar contracts.

Some of them do tend to go bankrupt because they are trying to live up to that extravagant lifestyle buying whatever they want without worrying about consequences. Jan 12,  · Are Professional Athletes Overpaid?

| Teen Ink. I tried to organize my idea more clearly and came up with this version. The reasons I give to this topic sounds a lot better in my head I have trouble thinking in Creative writing journals australia.

Life quotes Athletes quotes Football quotes favorite Kudos to the educators, athletes, dancers, judges, janitors, politicians, artists, actors, writers, singers, poets, and social activist, to all who dare to look at.

Yes they are. Athletes are extremely overpaid in the US. There is no reason that an entertainer, be they athlete, singer, or movie star, should make more than the people who are f.

Professional athletes are making too much money in a society that"s salaries and wages are traditionally based on the value of one's work.

But, are the players really to blame? From the point of view of a fan, the state of professional sports can be sickening.

Sports stars are overpaid
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