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Life Debt and Aftermath: Oftentimes, you can eliminate these extra pieces of punctuation with commas or by ending a sentence and starting a new one — and that makes your writing that much stronger.

Confessions of a Freelance Penmonkey

Just make sure your bullets correspond to one another. Your readers will get lost. And that makes it easier to connect with readers. While slated to write the third and final volume of the Dinocalypse trilogy, Dinocalypse Forever, Wendig was unable finish novel due to other commitments and was replaced by novelist Carrie Harris.

Chuck Wendig

Too often, writers mix and match mistakes with what you should do or make transition to shoulds halfway through the post — which only confuses the reader. Hyphenate modifiers Whenever you modify a noun with more than one word, you need a hyphen.

Explaining grammar is her specialty. Rather than saying the girl runs quickly, say she sprints. In the other 95 percent, get rid of it!

Aftermath invited controversy for its inclusion of a gay man as a lead character. Brand new, advance planning, basic necessities… the list of these common phrases is longer than this blog post.

25 Editing Tips for Tightening Your Copy

Or, your sentences are to-the-point. So go out of your way to include them in your posts! Sometimes a prepositional phrase can be replaced with just one more direct word, or cut completely.

Grab your red pen, pull up your most recently saved draft, and get to work with these 25 tips to tighten your own copy. Your editor will thank you. Reduce prepositions Though prepositions of, in, to, for, etc. Axe the adverbs a. Aftermathto be published in September Contractions can also make your post easier to read and comprehend.

Replace stuffy words with simple ones Some people think jargon makes their writing sound smart, but you know better. But a piece of writing littered with all sorts of punctuation — parentheses, colons, ellipses, etc. An easy way to cut prepositions is to look for opportunities to make something possessive.

If they need to grab a dictionary to finish a sentence, your writing has room for improvement.

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The more familiar you become with editing your own copy, the more quickly you should be able to pick up on your tells.

Remove extra punctuation A powerful hyphen here and a thought-provoking semicolon there can be effective. Prepositions need lots of friends.NJ About Blog Tips, advice, and resources on the art, craft, and business of writing and the writing life, via personal experience, author interviews, guest bloggers, link round-ups, and more.

Frequency about 3 posts per month. terribleminds Novelist and screenwriter Chuck Wendig offers advice, information, and attitude in equal measure.

The Artist’s Road I’ve been searching for creative-writing blogs for some time, and I’m anxious to check out. Blog and writing advice Wendig has run his blog Terribleminds sincewhere he dispenses regular writing advice. Much of his writing advice has been collected in his self-published e-books or his book The Kickass Writer.

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25 Editing Tips for Tightening Your Copy. Brand new, advance planning, basic necessities the list of these common phrases is longer than this blog post.

These are great tips & reminders. I teach a writing class at the local college and will share these with my students.

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Reply. Confessions of a Freelance Penmonkey by terribleminds [note: this is a PDF file only] “If it weren't for Chuck Wendig's advice, I'd have fallen off the writing map long ago.”.

Terribleminds writing advice blog
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