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This journal is associated with the Department for Art and Culture. At the dawn of the 21st century, does the culture of the masses still present a threat to High Art, as Adorno and Horkheimer then feared? The interdisciplinary programme combines art history, media studies, design studies and architectural history.

Students in the Department of Art and Culture who are proficient in Dutch may also join the editorial board of Kunstlicht and gain valuable editorial vu amsterdam master thesis. Yet you could also find a position in art and media management, journalism and publishing, or in art and architecture centers, research agencies, museum institutions, film or design festivals, art and media archives and teaching and government institutions.

On all study-related excursions students are accompanied by experts or teachers of the Arts and Culture department. Students who are interested in publishing an article in Kunstlicht should contact the editorial board. Since it has provided a platform for scholarly articles on art in all its facets.

In addition to the vu amsterdam master thesis related excursions there are more socially activities such as opera, ballet and social drinks. In the academic world, both at home and abroad, it is seen as a possible step towards a doctoral study. Many of our students and alumni are active with the VU affiliated journal Kunstlicht.

Great flexibility in determining your own study programme During the study you will determine your own course path, in consultation with researchers and teachers at the VU.

Since this course is taught by different professors, the issues addressed alternate along with the teacher. To keep the threshold for publication as low as possible while still achieving a high level of quality, a member of the editorial staff closely supervises every contributor during the writing process.

For more information visit www. They have a background in art history and art theory, in the history of architecture, urban planning and landscape architecture, design studies, and in comparative arts and media studies. Actually, in the last years, a great number of alumni of our program has been awarded PhD grants in the Netherlands and abroad.

Or can we redefine the role of the arts and media in this age of globalization and commercialization in a more nuanced fashion? With special emphasis on methodological and theoretical issues, the two-year research master programme allows you to acquire knowledge, analytical skills and a capacity to problematize and critically reflect on historical and contemporary developments in the cultural industries.

You can find a list of our alumni on the VAMA blog. Magazine and Student association Kunstlicht Kunstlicht is a journal for the visual arts, visual culture and architecture. Imagining the Image In this course various theoretical and methodological approaches to the image are traced in close connection with historical and contemporary developments in visual culture.

The choice of literature and theoretical focus, meanwhile, is set by the teacher on the basis of his or her current research interests.

Currently the focus lies on issues of space, place, and mobility in different cultural practices. Top-quality researchers as your teachers and individual mentors The faculty members associated with the Department of Arts and Culture are top-quality researchers with a strong national and international profile.

Students as well as established academics publish the results of their research in Kunstlicht. The editorial board of Kunstlicht consists entirely of students and recent graduates.There are various practical matters you have to think about before beginning your Master’s programme at VU Amsterdam.

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Accommodation: Information about accommodation at VU Amsterdam. Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam Exchange Master Student, Master thesis project in the Operation Research field: exploration of a new variant of the Team Orienteering Problem with submodular profit, applied to a fleet of vehicles performing the refilling of dutch banks' MSc Industrial Engineering.

Why VU Amsterdam VU Introduction Days; VU Introduction Days home VU Amsterdam Summer School offers interactive small-scale courses (max. 25 students) at Bachelor and Master level. Current students as well as PhD staff and professionals are welcome to apply.

VU Amsterdam Summer School

All courses are designed to provide an intensive, in-depth look at your topic of study. Architecture Master’s student Marja Heijers: 'This workshop has really opened up a world of possibilities for me.

I no longer mind the idea of finding literature for my paper and my thesis as much as I did before.' Targetgroup Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam Disclaimer. Save yourself a great deal of time and effort when writing your thesis by using EndNote. With a single click, you can ensure that citations and references are formatted exactly the way you want them.

Endnote: create references and a bibliography easily - [okt-dec] - University Library, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Currently, I am finishing up my master's thesis and I am scouting for challenging job opportunities that suit my pre-knowledge and enable me to develop as a human-being, as well as to, further my professional career.

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Vu amsterdam master thesis
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